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Health is a serious business.

We’re here to make it part of your corporate culture.


Are your employees healthy, focused and energized?
The Maximized Living Corporate Wellness program will help you create a company-wide culture that results in fit, productive employees. Unlock the true potential of your employees by giving them tools proven to elevate performance.

This program will strengthen your bottom line. For every dollar spent by employers on health and wellness management programs, the ROI ranges from $1.49 to $4.91 in benefits (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). One case study (Koffman) even managed to yield as much as a $6 return over a 3-5 year period.

How Your Business Benefits

  • Lowers your health insurance costs
  • Increases staff morale & employee productivity
  • Reduces sickness & absenteeism
  • Reduces turnover and lowers your recruiting & training costs

How It Works

Step 1

First, a Maximized Living doctor will set up an interactive health fair. The health fair will offer a range of services used to assess your employees health and maximize engagement. » View Services

Step 2

Then, the doctor will organize and host four Core Workshops (one per quarter) to address key health areas. Employees will even have access to Maximized Living’s top-of-the-line whole-food health resources.

Step 3

Finally, your business will have access to 52 weeks’ worth of cutting-edge health information, including Health articles for your company newsletter and 6 issues of Maximized Living Magazine.

Health Workshops

Our doctors will come to your place of business and teach your employees about these topics and more

core 1 core 2
core 3 core 4

Additional Services

  • Advanced Workshops

    Choose from additional health workshops to cover topics ranging from battling chronic disease to raising healthy families.

  • Nutrition Plans Tasting

    This will become an employee favorite! Sample tasty Maximized Living recipes and learn about healthy meal planning.

  • Team Workouts

    Keep employees motivated with team workouts. Generate amazing results without reorganizing your entire day.

  • Shop with the Doc

    Join your doctor at the local grocery to learn the best foods for nutrition.

  • Health Newsletter Content

    For one year, receive weekly updates that will keep your employees engaged and thinking about their health.


Bring Corporate Wellness to Your Workplace

Whether you own a company or you are an employee, bringing real health to your workplace is a winning solution. Sign-up below and one of our service specialists will give you more information on how to bring corporate wellness to your workplace, and you will receive the latest updates and resources from Maximized Living!